U of A HSIB Building Highlight: Stairs to Encourage Collaborative Learning

The University of Arizona Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB) is a nine-story, 247,000 SF building serving the University’s diverse medical school. Within the industry of medicine, the different professions are becoming more integrated to create more collaboration to better enhance the health of patients. Looking toward the future of medicine, HSIB was designed to encourage and teach this integrative working style to all students of the college. While on campus there are still dedicated buildings for nursing, pharmacy, doctors, etc., HSIB will be a central home for the different medical trades to work and learn together.

To create this collaborative experience and environment in the building, open movement from floor to floor was a key factor. There are 3 monumental stairs in the building connecting active learning floors together to promote engagement between students traveling through. One of the stairs even has bamboo boxes along the length to the side for members of the college to rest, talk with others, read and charge their devices. It is safe to say, the stairs are just one of many unique highlights of the University’s newest state-of-the-art buildings.

Structural Engineer: Martin, White & Griffis Structural Engineers

Architect: CO Architects | Swaim Associates

General Contractor: Kitchell Contractors