Project Description

University of Arizona Health Sciences Innovation Building

The University of Arizona Health Science Innovation Building (HSIB) is a 9-story concrete shear wall building with an admirable purpose and unique building features. A state-of-the-art facility for health science training, administration, and events, the structure boasts a 2-story simulation area that will house a full size ambulance and medical helicopter as part of providing essential medical training for students.

MWG is the project’s Engineer of Record and designed the building with our Los Angeles affiliate, John A Martin & Associates (JAMA). With design and construction timelines greatly accelerated, MWG has played a critical role in collaborating with the contractor and architect to meet deadlines. HSIB boasts drilled piers reaching depths up to 67 feet, 20-inch concrete shear walls reaching 140 feet in height, long spanning deep composite decks, and complex 2-story concrete “V” columns.

In addition to design, MWG also provided special inspections on the project.