Project Description

University of Arizona Health Sciences Innovation Building – Special Inspections

MWG performed structural special inspections for the University of Arizona Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB), a 9-story concrete shear wall building with an admirable purpose and unique features. As a fast-tracked project, the effort required continuous coordination including erection of the concrete shear walls while the contractor used custom jump forms to construct all 140 feet of wall height before placing any floors. MWG successfully achieved this challenging project by working in tandem with the contracting team and allocating plenty of qualified personnel.

The HSIB project includes a number of noteworthy features that required close inspection and quality control: drilled piers reaching depths up to 67 feet; 20-inch concrete shear walls reaching 140 feet in height; long span deep composite decks, and complex 2-story concrete ‘V’ columns. The 2-story concrete ‘V’ columns were successfully inspected from reinforcement to the intricate concrete placement inspections.