Project Description

Banner University Medical Center Tucson North

Banner UMC Tucson North is a 3-story, 207,000 square foot concrete structure that provides outpatient care and related physician, patient recovery and support space, most often for cancer patients. MWG completed the structural engineering and special structural inspections for this unique facility.

The CMAR-delivered facility is exceptional for housing four linear accelerator vaults. These vaults are surrounded by a very a robust concrete structure, up to 4-foot thick walls, 2-foot thick foundations, and a 6-foot thick roof. All concrete is this area was designed in conjunction with a physicist who ensured the safety of the linear accelerator and its surroundings. The building is supported by concrete spread footings, concrete columns, concrete two-way slabs, and laterally supported by concrete shear walls. The project, designed by Smith Group – Phoenix and constructed by Hensel Phelps, also included a roof-mounted central plant that MWG designed the screen system for.