MWG and CO Architects’ BSPB Project Wins Best Healthcare Design Award

The Architects Newspaper recently awarded the University of Arizona Biomedical Sciences Partnership Building (BSPB) a 2018 Best Healthcare Design award. The project was a winner in its category, which only had one additional honorable mention.

MWG worked with CO Architects of Los Angeles on the 245,000 square foot project that serves as a hub for health care science and research. Located in downtown Phoenix, the BSPB also represents an important milestone in the region’s efforts to serve as a national hub for bioscience research. Structurally the project focused on providing flexible laboratory design within CO’s striking architectural vocabulary, and overcame contextual and logistical challenges within a Fast Track delivery to be finished in a total of 30 months for both design and construction.

For more on the award, visit the AN website.