Project Description

University of Arizona Bioscience Research Laboratories

MWG worked with ZGF Architects and DPR Construction on this CMAR-delivered 4-story plus basement structure. The Bioscience Research Laboratories (BSRL) is the last building at the university to complete the infrastructure for the BIO5 Institute, dedicated to studying human diseases and striving to find cures.

Connected to existing adjacent buildings, the new structure facilitates collaborative translational research that will advance understanding of the molecular basis of human health, age, and disease. MWG designed the building using BIM technologies at a rapid pace due to immediate funding to the University, not to mention an additional floor added near the end of the design period. BSRL boasts long spans in the center of the building to create a wide breezeway at the ground and second floor, leading to other buildings in the BIO5 Institute. To create these long spans, the building has four 42 inches wide and 56 inch deep beams that span 60 feet. Concrete shear walls and two concrete moment frames support the structure laterally.