Project Description

City of Tucson Pedestrian Basket Bridge

The Euclid Park Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge, more affectionately known as the Basket Bridge, is a 240-foot long, 14-foot wide bicycle and pedestrian overpass designed for the City of Tucson. MWG completed the design and special inspections for the $3.5 million project, which completes a nine-mile, unbroken link for cyclists, walkers, and joggers from Tucson’s downtown to the City’s far East Side. The double bowstring steel structure was fabricated and then placed on pillars in a single day, while decorative metals panels that resemble a stylized Tohono O’odham woven basket were placed later. The project has been the recipient of numerous awards including a Merit Award from the Structural Engineers Association of Arizona, a National Recognition Award from ACEC, and a “Build America” Award from the Association of General Contractors.